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by Oscar Gonzalez | January 24, 2016
A new DLC pack for Elder Scrolls Online lets players join the iconic Thieves Guild. It's time to make the pockets across Tamriel a little lighter. [read more]

by Evie Vallejo | January 23, 2016
With the release of Unravel, the indie 2D platformer with the adorable character made of yarn, in just a few weeks, EA unveiled a new trailer with more info about the gameplay. [read more]

by Justin Hernandez | January 23, 2016
A new video for FarCry Primal is available and shows what lies ahead for our hero, Takkar. Massive hunting grounds showcase the new wildlife and enemies that inhabit the ecosystem of Oros. It is up to you to defend your people from the enemy tribes and find your place in this world. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | January 18, 2016
Metal Gear Solid had one official remake with Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snake on the Gamecube, but that remake still is 11 years old and technology has come a long way. So long away that one person is remaking Metal Gear Solid using Unreal Engine 4 and calling it Shadow Moses. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | January 18, 2016
Dying Light's upcoming DLC, The Following, has a lot of content for fans of the game. The new bounties feature will help extend the player's time with the game by offering some extra missions once the game is beaten. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | January 13, 2016
Tom Clancy’s The Division is just two months away from launch, so here’s some brand new gameplay footage. [read more]

by Justin Hernandez | January 13, 2016
EA is renting out the key to their vault of games with Origin Access for $4.99 a month. This small monthly fee gets you a nifty 10% discount on Origin games and free trials on new EA games. After playing the trials, subscribers can opt to buy the game and keep their progress. [read more]

by Evie Vallejo | January 13, 2016
Developers for Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm Studios, know what their fans love and they did not disappoint with this new Kombat Pack 2 trailer showcasing new playable characters. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | January 12, 2016
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios teamed up to continue the Homefront franchise with Homefront: The Revolution. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | January 11, 2016
Those GTA modders are hard at work to come up with whatever mod you can think of. Recently released is a new mod that makes your GTA V into the hacking open-world game, Watch Dogs. [read more]

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Fire Emblem Fates
Dying Light: The Following
Mighty No. 9
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Megadimension Neptunia VII
Far Cry Primal
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