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by Oscar Gonzalez | December 17, 2014
After months of delays, Rockstar Games finally has some info about GTA Online heists. [read more]

by Johnny Rodriguez | December 17, 2014
It’s been a long time. Too long. Not much longer. That’s right, Square Enix has an English dub of Final Fantasy XV on the way, and they released a trailer for it. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | December 16, 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's content expands one again with the Lord of the Hunt DLC. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | December 16, 2014
The critically acclaimed yet communally hated game from Capcom's beloved franchise heads to next gen consoles. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | December 14, 2014
If you're a SOCOM fan like me then you want to see the series return to its tactical glory. With H-Hour: World's Elite - the SOCOM-inspired game led by former SOCOM creative director David Sears - still a long way from release, there is a new option for fans to get their SOCOM fix thanks to a Counter-Strike: GO mod. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | December 13, 2014
Evil Genius' Yusuke Momochi came from the loser's bracket to become the 2014 Capcom Cup champion. Even after a day of exciting matches, Capcom had more surprises for Street Fighter fans. [read more]

by Johnny Rodriguez | December 13, 2014
Planet Shear is home to the amazingly dangerous aliens and treacherous environments. But what does it take to make a world enjoyable? [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | December 11, 2014
This month's free game from EA's On the House program in Origin is the second entry into the SimCity franchise, SimCity 2000. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | December 08, 2014
Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono took the stage the PlayStation Experience Conference to unveil the debut gameplay footage of Street Fighter V on PS4. [read more]

by Johnny Rodriguez | December 08, 2014
Dive into the twisted artwork of a high school student’s notebook in The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency’s, founded by God of War creator David Jaffe, fresh arena shooter, Drawn to Death. [read more]

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Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series
Dungeon Defenders II
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