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by Prashanth M. Narayan | May 23, 2015
Go big or go home as Sony is once again bringing the PlayStation E3 2015 presser to movie theaters in North America. [read more]

by Justin Hernandez | May 21, 2015
The Guitar Hero Facebook page revealed new metal and alternative tracks for the upcoming Guitar Hero Live on #TracklistTuesday. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | May 20, 2015
The Evil Within’s last DLC allows you to play as the Keeper in a brand new first-person camera mode. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | May 20, 2015
Players in need of more Bloodborne content will have more blood in the future as an expansion for the game is coming. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | May 19, 2015
If you've patiently waiting for a chance to play Heroes of the Storm, today is your day to start your MOBA addiction. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | May 19, 2015
The leader of Shadaloo and wielder of Psycho Power, M. Bison, will make his return in Street Fighter V. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | May 19, 2015
The spiritual successor to the SOCOM: US Navy SEALs series has now made its way to Steam Early Access. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | May 19, 2015
Last week, Nintendo surprised the world with the announcement of the return of the Nintendo World Championship. Many had questions about the event and Nintendo answered those questions in a press release today. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | May 19, 2015
Kratos drains the soul out of Hades in 1080p in God of War III Remastered [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | May 19, 2015
Bethesda has big plans for this year's E3. With their own press event, rumors are circulating they'll show Fallout 4, and now, via trailer, the will also show the first worldwide showing of Doom 4. [read more]

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